Interested in getting your rims dipped? We understand.


We also understand your concern about whether or not the dip will damage your paint, if it can be used as a permanent painting solution, and various other questions you may have asked yourself at some point. All questions that you may have will be answered below. Feel free to ask us any other questions you may have on the Request page, or send us an e-mail.


Will Plasti-Dip damage the integrity of my paint?


Plasti-Dip is a highly resilient, rubber-based, multi purpose coating that can safely be applied to most automobiles. Plasti-Dip will withstand the effects of any weather conditions, including sun, ice, acidic rain, etc.


How long will my paint job last?


Rim Lords uses a professional spray gun to do all of their cars. When applied at the proper distance, paint jobs can last two to three years. If desired, a fresh coat can be applied on top of the existing paint job at any time.


Can Plasti-Dip really peel off?


Yes. If applied correctly at time of spraying and removal of the dip is desired, in most cases it will come off with ease in large slabs.


Can I wash my rims after they have been sprayed?


Rim Lords doesn't recommend running your car through a car wash if you want to avoid creating any unwanted or premature blemishes. Rim Lords does NOT cover self-inflicted damage.


Is there any warranty for my paint job?


Rim Lords offers a one year warranty program for all of our paint jobs. 


How long does a paint job normally take?


A properly completed paint job (including all prep phases) should take a few hours or less.


What is deemed as a "beyond excessively dirty" car?


If you are looking to get your car detailed, you may have noticed that we charge an extra $5.00 fee for cars that are excessively dirty, not to exceed $10.00 for cars that are 'beyond excessively dirty'. We define beyond excessively dirty as any vehicle with extreme interior and exterior filth (ex. a trash-and-dirt filled truck that is covered in exterior mud).


How are my rims dipped?


Rims are dipped using a Plasti-Dip spray gun unit, as well as cans if neccessary. Each of our jobs comes out with a professional finish, leaving your rims looking beautiful afterwards!