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The Key Advantages To Powder Coating Your Rims

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

You may have heard the term "powder coating" thrown around the internet on forums or in videos on YouTube and wondered, "what exactly is powder coating, and what are the perks?"

There are distinct advantages to each method of painting your rims. However, powder coating your rims carries its own unique properties and benefits.


When a rim is powder coated, a fine, lightweight powder is shot onto the surface area of the rim, either negatively or positively charged when passing through the barrel of the powder coat gun.

Simultaneously, a rim is charged by a ground wire that is in contact with the rim's metal, allowing the powder and the metal to be strongly attracted to one another for maximum bonding capabilities.

The rim is then baked in an oven at a high temperature, allowing the powder particles to fuse with one another, creating an extremely durable and scratch resistant topcoat that has been known to outlast most if not all other types of paint applications.


Many different colors and hues of powder are available, and can be mixed and matched in infinite varieties in order to achieve a myriad of attractive topcoat variations.

Minimal Environmental Impact

In comparison with other types of paint such as epoxy, lacquer or enamel, there are far fewer chemicals and solvents that impact the environment in a negative manner. What's more, the risk of toxic fume inhalation is greatly reduced.

Easier Cleanup

After a paint job has been completed, it is not uncommon for a spray system to need a very thorough cleaning, which may also require use of further noxious chemicals in order to keep the spray gun operating efficiently.

All of this is alleviated when using a powder coat system, as the only cleaning efforts required after a paint job has been completed is the blowing out of powder left in the chamber of the gun. This saves time for the user, therefore boosting project efficiency.

Several benefits can be taken advantage of by opting for a powder coat. Protect your rims as long as possible, keep them looking stylish, and protect the environment at the same time!

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