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The Truth About Plasti-Dip

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There has been much circulation on the internet regarding Plasti-Dip and whether or not it is a viable option for painting your rims without damaging the OEM paint.

Is Plasti-Dip safe to use on rims? We're here to answer these questions.

Since its explosion on the internet several years ago, Plasti-Dip has been used to coat everything from rims to full blown vehicles. The paint is a type of liquid rubber that can be peeled off in sheets once dried should a new color be desired or if the owner of the vehicle wishes to return to the OEM vehicle color.

The underlying paint will have been protected, and will have remained entirely intact and without damage. This is one of several advantages that Plasti-Dip can provide, along with endless customization options.

It has been argued that Plasti-Dip is a nuisance to remove once applied. However, this is typically due to user error, and not product defect. If the paint is not properly applied to a vehicle in several even, medium-wet coats, then this may result in other issues, such as inefficient removal of the product at a future date.

Rarely has Plasti-Dip ever resulted in a major issue with underlying paint. If removability, customization, and added protection are desired, then Plasti-Dip is a solid option that any enthusiast can appreciate.

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